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A Walk in the Park

I's Go'n RaaaaaIN! (a la Ollie)

After a good night's rest in a locked room, we had decided that after the hassles of the day before, we deserved a break. The plan: shoppin', eatin', and beachin'. We shopped, we ate, and we went for a stroll down the beach to see what it was all about. Disappointing! Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that we had only the Utopian beaches of Santa Teresa to compare it to, but it was rocky, dirty and the shore line was littered with tall buildings and advertisements. Our walk was less inspiring than anticipated and so we returned to the hostel where we prepared ourselves a delicious dinner of fresh trout with rice and veggies.

The next day we were off to Parque Nacional Carara. When we arrived, we familiarized ourselves briefly with the flora and fauna of the Parque and shortly set off on our hike. It wasn't a particularly grueling hike (we had experienced higher ups and steeper downs in the past hikes of the trip) but IT WAS HOT. Like, REALLY REALLY HOT. And HUMID! Ok, I get that I keep saying that it's always hot, but this time...well, you're going to have to just take my word for it. Even the locals were commenting on the heat and worse, the humidity. On the hike we saw: 5 Dendrobates auratus, also known as the green and black poison dart frog, 1 Agouti, 2 Scarlet Macaws flying over head, 15+ Crocodiles wading in a river, a few Jesus Christ Lizards (from far away) running across a river, 2 Great Tinamous, something that we think were two river otters but they were quick so we didn't get a good look,some pretty mariposas (butterflies) that are an ultimate tease when it comes to taking their picture (they land, pose, and fly away just before you can focus and hit the shutter), a hard working colony of leaf-cutter ants, which according to Wikipedia form "the largest and most complex animal societies on Earth next to humans", and a ridiculous number of lizards, dragons and iguanas. They were practically running out from under our feet. I'd like to go on about the different leaves, trees, vines and flowers that we saw but every direction we looked, there was an entirely new landscape with too many things to identify. It was breathtaking, complicated, intricate, and exciting. Everything was woven together in perfectly harmonious chaos. I can totally understand how Tarzan swung from tree to tree (logistically speaking).

After having soaked through our clothes (yes, gross, I know) and me getting sick from some bad water, we returned to the hostel, hopped in the pool and ate up the left overs from the day before. That night, the humidity had gotten too intense that the clouds burst and it rained. And oh boy how it rained! Lightening lit up the sky for 2 seconds every 3 seconds, thunder made our neighbors shriek, and we sat on the patio watching one of the most intimidating storms we've seen (in a while at least), having to shout anything to each other to be heard. It was a very welcome shower that allowed for a good nights sleep and a bearable next day. I had asked the hostel keeper how long it had been since it had rained and she told me that it had been several weeks and that they were patiently waiting for the day.

Today we woke up, ran a few errands in town and set off to Manuel Antonio. We'll be staying here for a few nights, visiting the beach and Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio where we hear monkeys steal your stuff. We'll let you know how that goes in a few.

Till then!



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The photos of the frog, the butterfly and the lizard are really good. I can't wait to see more pikkies when you return. Your alternating author blog is a much anticipated glimpse of your travels when we get home in the evenings.

by Tato

Very nice photos (and stories) indeed! Keep them coming! :-)

by Beto

cool text gosia! it's gon' rain! :)
great pics marge!

by jan

Umm... Effing amazing fotos!! Rob's gotta be jealous.

Those ants epitomize teamwork and industriousness. I'm inspired.

Fantastic stuff.

Have fun and talk soon.


P.s. Rob watered your plants and I have a new roommate, Nich. It's a full house over here.

by Joshua Pinter

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